360i Suite A unique mobile solution to better manage tardy sweeps, print tardy slips, assign detentions, supervise field trips, manage emergencies, access general student SIS data and much more.
360i Suite is a unique collection of attendance tracking enhancements designed exclusively for on-the-go teachers, security personnel and school administrators
Delivering unique attendance tracking enhancements, behavior management tools and notification aids to complement your existing SIS, 360i Suite can be accessed and used anywhere with an iPad or iPhone. It currently offers five key modules: Student Finder, Tardy Sweep, Emergency Manager, Field Trip Manager and Photo Snap. Key data on each student can be retrieved and used at a moment’s notice, including parent or guardian contact information, student-related medical info, class schedule, photo, etc…whatever information may be needed to address situations as they occur away from the classroom or office.
360i Suite automatically integrates data inputs between modules, and any needed notifications can be sent quickly and efficiently to staff, parents or guardians. And all activity is documented and synchronized in real-time with the application’s web back end. If needed, data can also be pushed to any other devices permitted by the district or school, either from the SIS itself or from one iPad or iPhone to another . This provides quick, reliable and mobile access to up-to-date student data to more than one teacher or administrator..
Student Finder enables mobile access to student data from anywhere on or off campus - particularly where administration of tardy sweeps is hindering the instructional process. Sweep administrators can quickly retrieve a student’s name, record a tardy as excused or unexcused, and transmit a tardy “slip” to the relevant teacher or administrator to significantly increase instructional time. In addition, other critical student information (e.g. pertinent medical info, date of birth, photo ID, class and activity schedules, emergency contact information, etc.) can be accessed quickly in situations where time is of the essence. And it can also be used to reinforce positive behaviors or address negative behaviors wherever and whenever they occur. The Student Finder module quickly synchronizes with the web back end, and a powerful search function provides quick access to any needed information. Additional functionality can be quickly configured for in-device storage and optional synchronization with the host SIS.


  • Fixed and mobile functionality with powerful search function
  • Comprehensive student roster direct from host SIS with drill down option
  • Current class schedules by period and teacher
  • Flags and tags for customized categorization
  • Student photo and notes archives
  • Unlimited customization of student data, and customizable behavior management tools


  • Immediately access a wide range of student information, including medical/emergency data, from anywhere
  • Rapidly narrow queries
  • Efficiently notify administrators, teachers, parents or guardians about incidents or emergencies as they occur - and wherever they occur
  • Easily transmit e-mails or SMS messages directly from 360i Suite app - from any location (note: SMS messages require cellular service)
  • Efficiently use tags and flags to categorize students as needed
  • Quickly and efficiently recognize positive behaviors and address negative behaviors - as they occur
Emergency Manager can be used with emergency drills and virtually all emergency situations - whether those emergencies arise on or off of school property, and whether an emergency involves one student, a small group of students or the entire student body.

Whether it’s used during medical emergencies, fires, fire drills, evacuation drills, natural disasters or lockdowns, Emergency Manager helps school personnel quickly account for students (and do the necessary notifications) during emergencies that pull people away from the classroom setting (and away from desktop access to the host SIS). And it permits personnel to efficiently release those same students to their parents or guardians in the wake of an emergency.

In the case of emergencies involving only one or a few students, individual calls can be made from a cell phone or WiFi-enabled iPad to selected parents, guardians or staff - wherever the emergency is, wherever students happen to be located, and in real time. And in the case of emergency situations involving the entire student body, individual calls can be made to parents or guardians to supplement whatever communications go out from the school’s Emergency Notification System.

Although the 360i Suite can supplement an already-existing Emergency Notification System by bringing often-needed functionality to wherever students may be located, it is not intended to serve as a stand-alone Emergency Notification System that complies with any particular regulatory requirements. It is not intended to enforce any requirements of the Clery Act or the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008. At the same time, 360i Suite can be a helpful tool to support compliance with the Clery Act and the HEOA. But it is the responsibility of each school or school district to use those tools that best assist them in fulfilling their legal obligations. No one tool or system complies with the Clery Act or the HEOA by itself.


  • Expandable search option allows for multiple search criteria
  • Flexible, scalable functionality permits searching by individual, group, class or school
  • Record-keeping functionality to document emergency drills
  • Mobile, intuitive, user-friendly
  • Web back end is automatically updated and additional functionality can be quickly configured for in-device storage and optional synchronization with the host SIS.


  • Significantly enhance emergency preparedness by providing mobile access to student-specific medical info and emergency contact information
  • Immediately identify one or many students or emergency contacts - depending on the situation
  • Promptly notify emergency contacts as soon as students are located and the need to notify becomes know
  • Record and sync status changes in real time with the web back end (and optionally, with the host SIS server)
  • Eliminate reliance on paper records
  • Quickly and readily respond to emergencies as they happen
  • Bring added peace of mind by saving time when it counts most
Designed to ensure that administrators have up-to-date, ready access to photo images for each student in their care, Photo Snap provides an easy way to immediately fill gaps wherever they exist. Regardless of the location, administrative staff using the 360i Suite app can run queries to identify students missing a photo ID, locate students by accessing their schedule, and go directly to those students to quickly snap a photo with a 360i Suite-equipped iPad or iPhone.

In the case of fighting, aggressive behavior, food fights, graffiti or other types of vandalism, photos or video clips can be taken to document and better identify all involved participants. Once the photo or video has been taken, it is uploaded into the application and the web back end in real time. As an option, the module and app can also be configured to sync with the host SIS server. And when needed, photos or video clips can also be uploaded for immediate transmission to security or law enforcement personnel.


  • Photo and video capabilities to immediately document unruly behavior as it happens, and wherever the location happens to be
  • Query capability to identify all students (or groups of students) lacking photo ID’s
  • Designed for mobile use with iPad or iPhone
  • Uploaded images synced in real time with web back end, with additional functionality for optional in-device storage and optional synchronization with the host SIS


  • Use photos or video clips to document and validate student-involved incidences of vandalism, food fights, aggressive or unruly behavior, or violence
  • Quickly identify and locate any students lacking a photo ID
  • Promptly snap student photos and upload those photos or videos, if desired, into the host SIS server at regular intervals
Tardy Sweep permits on the spot recording of tardies, coupled with the ability to print tardy slips via desktop or mobile printers. Tardy Sweep uniquely allows for the search of students via student ID number, first, last name, DOB or student ID bar code scan. Notifications can be automatically sent at any tardy interval setup in the the administrative console. Tardy Sweep allows provides also an extensive search mechanism to search by many other parameters such as grade, period, course, classroom, etc.

For middle schools and high schools, Tardy Zone has the ability to automatically assign student detentions based on pre set rules. Once the student arrives to serve detention, the application provides check-in/out capabilites to ensure that accurate records are kept. This reinforces to students that the tardy and detention management processes are both accurate and consistent.

Integrated reports from multiple users can also be generated as CSV files for customized report generation and easy export to the host SIS. Discipline records can also be kept to document tardies becoming detentions or suspensions; to automatically notify parents or guardians; and to record communications with these contacts.


  • Web back end is automatically updated when a tardy is recorded, and additional functionality can be quickly configured for in-device storage and optional synchronization with the host SIS.
  • Customizable structure accommodates additional internal or state-mandated requirements
  • User-customizable set-up permits recording of tardies by name, location or period number
  • Search option allows review of all tardies by student, period, class section or grade level
  • E-mail functionality improves and smoothes communication flow


  • Quickly and automatically record tardies to free up more of teachers’ time for actual teaching
  • Efficiently create downloadable files for reporting purposes
  • Rapidly record and review tardy histories according to function within the school as teacher, security staff or administration
  • Instantly e-mail tardy slips (or notifications) to teachers, parents, guardians or staff
  • Dependably ensure that fewer tardies slip between the cracks and that all relevant stakeholders are kept in the loop
Field Trip manager is a unique application that streamlines the tracking of - and care for - students before, during and after field trips. All needed student data and chaperone-related information can be easily added for ready access (e.g., student-specific medical data, emergency contact information, etc.). Transportation contact information, maps, other destination-related information can be added as well, and later accessed as needed, thereby eliminating the need for paper lists..


  • Functionality permits advance planning for multiple trips
  • Trip planner allows single or multiple destinations per field trip
  • Transportation section provides easy input of critical information
  • Traffic conditions feature allows easy access to up-to-date traffic info
  • Enhanced boarding features permits batch uploading of student roster prior to the trip, or individual processing prior to and during the trip itself
  • Trip history feature permits archiving of all field trips for future retrieval or replication


  • Input and access critical data regarding choice of transportation
  • Easily access, view and explore map of field trip location from within the application
  • Systematically designate field trip coordinators and assign chaperones
  • Quickly add students to trip roster prior to field trip
  • Seamlessly check students in and out on day of field trip
  • Quickly access student medical notes and/or emergency contact information
  • Simplify the process of returning students to campus or to the care of parents or guardians
This app will assist security personnel to perform and document the daily searches of students in grades 6th through 12th as mandated by many districts with similar requirements.. The purpose of these searches, is to locate any prohibited items such as weapons, drugs, etc. Currently, the process is paper based, as it requires that all searches be documented in various district supplied forms. Searches are to be performed in a random fashion on a daily basis.

Various requirements are set in the district protocol, which have now been discussed in meetings with deans assigned to these tasks. The following is a partial list that is based on the official LAUSD protocol (BUL-5424.2 entitled “Administrative Searches to Ensure School Safety” (10.26.15).


  • Full Automation of Student Searches
  • IT Approved Randomizer IT Approved Randomizer
  • Randomized Student Searches
  • Randomized Locker Searches
  • App Automatically Displays Empty Nearby Rooms Where to Perform Searches
  • Ability to Define Regular vs Gym Lockers
  • Print Inspected Locker Receipts
  • Two Adult Confirmation Prior to Search


  • Ensures that Only Qualified Personnel Can Perform Searches
  • Student's Sex Matched to Person Doing Search
  • Capture Contraband Through Photos
  • Log Photos of District Mandated School Signs
  • Preservation of Photo Metadata such as Date, Time, GPS, etc


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